Wayne State University

Aim Higher

Lighting retrofit

Wayne State University's energy conservation measures are having a significant effect on the environment. The university is changing the fluorescent bulbs in targeted buildings including Matthaei, Shapero Hall, Biological Sciences, Community Arts, Prentis, the Computing Center, Engineering, Life Sciences, Science Hall, the Welcome Center, Lande and the Oakland Center. The simple step of replacing an older fluorescent tube with a high-efficiency tube will generate a projected annual savings of $620,000 in these buildings. Importantly, 5,216 metric tons of carbon dioxide, 24 metric tons of sulphur dioxide, and nine metric tons of nitrogen dioxide will not enter the atmosphere. This is equivalent to one of the following:

  • 5,973 acres of forest not being cut down, or
  • 16,668 barrels of oil not being burned, or
  • 1,560 automobiles removed from the road for one year, or
  • 39 railcars of coal not being burned.

Please check back for additional information on WSU's energy conservation measures.