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Hydration Stations

Hydration Stations Help Reduce Reuse Recycle Concept

From the main campus to the medical school, students may be noticing some modified water fountains. A select group of water fountains have been upgraded with a water bottle filling station, better known as the Hydration Station.  The Hydration Station uses sensor technology to fill your water bottle which is filled in a few seconds. No longer do you have to tilt or contort your water bottle to get only half of it filled.

Not only are these new water stations convenient but they are also sustainable. They facilitate the use of one’s own water bottle instead of buying a disposable water container which adds to the waste stream. According to water-policy.org and earth911.com, 38 billion water bottles go into landfills each year and 17,000,000 barrels of oil are required to produce the water bottles sold in the U.S. alone.  By using a reusable water container you help decrease these numbers dramatically. In fact, the Hydration Station even has a digital read out showing just how many water bottles have avoided going to landfills by using a reusable water container.

There are five Hydration Stations currently across campus with more to come. The stations can be found in the following buildings: State Hall, General Lectures, the Chemistry Building, the Mort Harris Recreation Center and Lande, which is located on the WSU Medical Campus (see above map).

If you have questions regarding the Hydration Station, please contact the Office of Campus Sustainability at (313) 577-5068

Here are some water facts that have been outlined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

  • Bottled water costs more than $1.50 per bottle; that is 1,900 times the price of tap water.
  • An average American spends $400.00 a year on bottled water.
  • Health can be damaged by toxic chemicals like Bisphenol-A (BPA), leached from bottled water. (BPA intake can cause cancerous cells in your body)
  • The amount of oil used to make the plastic for water bottles is enough oil to fuel 100,000 cars for a year.
  • Leave water bottles in the car? The heat in a car and the plastic of the bottle can leach out chemicals that lead to Breast and other types of Cancers.

Keep your wallet and the planet green and use a reusable, BPA free water bottle!