Wayne State University

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Move-in and move-out


Wayne State launched its cardboard recycling campaign during fall 2011 residence-hall move-in. Waste Management dumpsters were placed in front of Ghafari Hall, the Towers and University Towers residence halls for students to recycle any unwanted cardboard boxes. During move-in weekend, more than three tons of cardboard was collected, keeping this material out of the waste stream.


Beginning spring 2012, Wayne State will partner with Waste Management to offer additional recycling containers and dumpsters during the residence halls' move-out. This will allow the university to reduce the amount of items entering  the waste stream and ending up in a landfill. After move-out, we will post the amount of waste that was recycled. We encourage all students moving out of the residence halls to participate and observe the signs indicating allowable materials that are placed on the recycling containers and dumpsters.

Did you know?

Recycled cardboard is used to make new boxes and other products such as tubes for paper towels and toilet paper. Additional products include biodegradable flower pots and mulch.