The Office of Campus Sustainability works with the university's schools, departments, and units on sustainable initiatives that will enhance environmental awareness, achieve efficiencies that will preserve natural resources while reducing campus costs, support environmental education and research, increase understanding of environmental stewardship, and engage the surrounding community through sustainability activities. This multi-faceted approach assists the university's efforts in providing a campus environment that understands, appreciates, and actively works at increasing sustainability in its daily actions.

Wayne State seeks to lessen its environmental impact by implementing various initiatives identified as helping improve its triple bottom line of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This sustainability path endeavors to meet our current needs without sacrificing the needs of future generations. In taking this approach, Wayne State embraces its role as an environmental steward for the campus as well as the global community.

Office of Campus Sustainability


Daryl M. Pierson, Chief Sustainability Officer

Daryl M. Pierson leads the Office of Campus Sustainability (OCS) in its work toward implementing the university's environmental vision. Pierson seeks to engage the university community in sustainability awareness through informal education activities, conferences, workshops, seminars, special events, and promotional campaigns. As a result, the OCS helps increase understanding of issues involving the environment. In addition, Pierson works closely with Facilities Planning and Management on helping obtain energy reduction and cost efficiencies, recycling, LEED activities, and related green initiatives.

As a member of the President's Standing Committee on Environmental Initiatives, Pierson works with a group of faculty, staff and students to monitor and help identify ways to move forward the university's sustainability effort. Through the Urban Watershed Environmental Research Group (UWERG), Pierson works with an interdisciplinary team of researchers on water-related initiatives and research focused on ecological and human health with the Lake Huron to Lake Erie corridor of the Great Lakes Basin. UWERG undertakes scholarly activities, including basic and applied research, community and K-12 outreach, and collaborative initiatives related to the Lake Huron to Lake Erie waterway and associated watersheds.  These activities are intended to benefit human health and the watershed ecosystems, as well as inform scientists, public policy, those who reside in the region, and others interested in access to clean and affordable water. Pierson also sits on the Energy Curtailment Committee, a team of Facilities staff who work to implement energy efficient performance in the university's physical plant and grounds operation.

Pierson earned a Masters in Urban Planning from Wayne State University and is a LEED Green Associate.


"I appreciate the connection between my efforts and the university's mission to discover, examine, transmit and apply knowledge that contributes to the positive development and well-being of individuals, organizations and society."