Green jobs


Understanding what and where are "green job" opportunities

As many people are trying to figure out their path in the new green economy, it’s important to understand what types of jobs exist in this growing industry. In some instances there is no one way to get there, while other educational pathways are more defined. Below is a listing of green jobs from various fields, categorized by general areas of study.

Science and engineering

Agricultural Engineer, Agronomist, Air Pollution Control Technician, Botanist, Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Conservation Biologist, Ecologist, Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Energy Technician, Entomologist, Environmental/Ecological Engineer, Environmental Forensic Scientist, Fisheries Biologist, Forester, Forestry Technician, Geologist, Groundwater Professional, Horticulturist, Hydrologist, Marine Biologist, Mechanical Engineer, Meteorological Technician, Oceanographer, Oil and Gas Engineer, Organic Food Production, Park Ranger, Quality Control Engineer, Range Manager, Recreation Administrator, Restoration Ecologist, Risk Assessor, Risk Manager, Soil Scientist, Survey and Mapping Technician, Toxicologist, Waste Disposal Specialist, Water Pollution Control Technician, Water/Wastewater Engineer, Watershed Manager, Wildlife Biologist, Wind Energy Developer

Social sciences, humanities and the arts

Agriculture Extension Specialist, Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Artist, Author, Community Organizer, Community Relations Coordinator, Environmental Communications Specialist, Environmental Conflict Manager, Environmental/ Ecological Economist, Environmental Communications, Environmental Educator, Geographer, Historian, Parks and Recreation Specialist, Philosopher, Political Scientist, Sociologist, Teacher, Technical Environmental Writer


Architect, Communications Specialist, Compliance Specialist, Environmental Health Physician, Environmental Educator, Environmental Journalist, Environmental Attorney, Environmental Manager, Exhibit Designer, Filmmaker, Geographic Information Systems Specialist, Landscape Architect, Museum Curator, Natural Resource Manager, Planner, Policy Analyst, Public Administrator, Public Finance Specialist, Public Health Nurse, Urban and Regional Planner, Transportation Planner, Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician


Accountant, Auditor, Building and Facilities Manager, Communications Director, Contract Administrator/Specialist, Corporate Recycling Manager, Development Director, Economist/Environmental Economist, Entrepreneur, Environmental Health and Safety Director, Environmental Consultant, Environmental Quality Certification Specialist, Finance Manager, Fundraiser, Governmental Affairs Manager, Hazardous Materials Handler Specialist, Information Management Specialists, Institutional Purchaser, Investor, Locational Analyst, Marketing Specialist/Manager, Operations Manager, Product Designer, Community/Public Relations Coordinator, , Sales Manager, Sales Person, Statistician, Sustainability Officer, Trainer/Training Coordinator