Switch It Off campaign

Wayne State is looking to get the entire campus involved in a new energy efficiency campaign. The WSU community is encouraged to be proactive in conserving energy and Switch It Off! The simple action of turning off a light switch will have a significant impact economically, socially and environmentally when we all do it. Switch It Off! is a new campaign that asks each individual on campus to be more aware of energy usage. When a room or non-public area is not in use, please turn off the lights in that area. We can all take simple steps to make a difference. If we turn off the lights when not in use, WSU can immediately begin to conserve energy.

Consider taking the Switch It Off! campaign a step further by revising some basic practices. Many around campus have small appliances in their dormitories, offices, or in a common area. Energy consumption can be further reduced by disconnecting the power cord. Typically, appliances are used for breakfast, lunch or dinner so there is no need for the power cord to be plugged in throughout the day. An additional component of the Switch It Off! campaign involves shutting down computers when not in use. Computers are often put on Sleep mode when not in use. The Sleep mode still utilizes electricity even though the computer in not in full operation. By shutting down computers, the WSU community can take a significant step toward reducing energy consumption across campus. 

Please watch for the launch of this campaign in a WSU building near you!