Toner Cartridge Recycling

Please click here to download a promotional poster.

Wayne State has partnered with Xerox to continue a campus-wide recycling effort that aims to capture used toner cartridges from University printers and fax machines. The program accepts any brand cartridge. For your convenience, Xerox allows participating departments to order boxes used for toner cartridge recycling or allows use of an existing box in your possession. Once full or ready to be shipped, a shipping label may be downloaded at this link.  The process is simple and easy.

Program benefits include:

  • An easy, free way of recycling cartridges and protecting the environment
  • Acceptance of all brands of empty printer cartridges including Xerox, HP, Brother, and Lexmark, as well as used cartridges from other manufacturers
  • Cartridges are returned through the program and remanufactured into a new cartridge or recycled

For questions regarding the Toner Cartridge Recycling Program, please call (313) 577-5068 or email  

Electronics are one of the fastest growing portions of America's trash. Recycling your old electronics is not only smart, but also good for the environment. Toner cartridges that are thrown away add about four pounds of plastic, metal and chemicals to a landfill. Learn how to reuse and recycle to reduce waste. Source: EPA