Urban Watershed Environmental Research Group (UWERG)

The Urban Watershed Environmental Research Group (UWERG) is a multidisciplinary organization focused on ecological and human health within the St Clair Watershed. This group of faculty and researchers shares interests in monitoring and evaluating the effects of regional pollution on human health, the health of the St Clair ecosystem, and in promoting the region's economic vitality. The geographical area covered by the group includes the St Clair River, Lake St Clair, the Detroit River and the watershed corresponding to these three connected bodies of water. The group has interest in the following areas:

  • Ecology, pollution and climate
  • Environmental monitoring and analysis
  • Health and human impact
  • Community education and outreach
  • Regional environmental and economic policy
UWERG seeks to develop a long-term urban-based research network for monitoring and evaluating the impact of pollutants and climate change on the watershed ecosystem and human health. In addition, the group will generate scholarly activity and provide resources that will be respected examples for the global community.
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